Who We Are

Keolis Downer is an exciting and dynamic partnership committed to energising Yarra Trams and enhancing tram services for the people of Melbourne.

The Keolis Downer partnership draws on our experience, history and expertise in tram operations, network development, maintenance and customer service, here in Australia and around the world.

The Keolis Downer partnership draws on local and international experience, history and expertise in tram operations, network development and maintenance. Keolis is an internationally recognised transport solution provider and Downer EDI Rail is Australia's oldest rail company with over 100 years operating experience in rolling stock.

Our history

Keolis has a history stretching back more than 135 years. It is the world's largest tram network operator and has an annual turnover of 3.4 billion Euro. Keolis is established in 15 countries across the world and is a major rail operator in Europe and the USA, with more than 5700 kilometres currently under management.

In addition to rail their intermodal logistics expertise extends to the management of a bus and coach fleet of nearly 19,000 vehicles. These combined operations transport 2.5 billion passengers annually, with 54,400 employees worldwide, including over 30,000 drivers.

Downer EDI Rail operates 30 maintenance facilities, manufacturing centres and design centres throughout Australia. Downer EDI Rail and its parent company Downer EDI have considerable experience in managing transitions, including Pacific National, Freight Victoria and Australian Rail Track Corporation. Downer EDI Rail successfully managed the introduction of 35 Millennium train sets for RailCorp NSW, successfully transitioned 31 Urban Rail Train sets in Western Australia and has managed the Pacific National contract to maintain 320 locomotives using five maintenance depots in four states.

Keolis Downer came together with the express aim of becoming a public transport operator in Melbourne after the Victorian Government initiated an international public transport tender for the Melbourne Tram Franchise.

In June 2009 Keolis Downer was announced as Preferred Tenderer for the franchise to run Melbourne's trams and on 1 September 2009 the Victorian Government confirmed the partnership as the successful tenderer for the Melbourne tram franchise.

The new franchise commenced on 30 November 2009 and Keolis Downer is operating the tram network for eight years with a possible extension for another seven years.

Our Approach

Keolis Downers's guiding principle for operating Melbourne's tram network is to 'think like a passenger' with the aim of delivering the best possible travelling experience. Our approach will also contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of our city, as well as help strengthen our local communities.

Our ability to 'think like a passenger' at all points of the journey will inspire a holistic approach to our service delivery. This will ensure that passengers are able to make informed choices, have access to reliable services, enjoy a safe and clean travelling environment and be provided with high levels of customer service.

Our 'find your way' program covers the total passenger journey experience.

We want all passengers to feel confident when using the network, especially on different routes or in unfamiliar areas. Passengers will know where to buy a ticket, be able to identify the nearest stop and know when the next tram service is due.

We will work with the government, Public Transport Victoria and other transport operators to provide a fully integrated transport offer to the people of Melbourne.

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