Hero - City Circle & C1-Class at Parliament Station

Tram network

  • Melbourne has the largest operating tram network in the world with 250 kilometres of double track.
  • There are 1763 tram stops across the network.
  • Yarra Trams operates 24 tram routes and the free City Circle tourist tram.
  • Around 80 per cent of Melbourne's tram network shares road space with other vehicles.
  • The average speed of a tram is 16 km/h. Within the central business district this drops to 11 km/h.

Tram services

  • Yarra Trams operates Melbourne's entire tram network.
  • Annual patronage for 2013-14 was 176.9 million boardings
  • Trams travel more than 24.6 million kilometres each year on timetabled services.
  • 31,500 tram services are scheduled each week.
  • Trams are in service for more than 20 hours per day.
  • Yarra Trams provides drivers and maintenance facilities for the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.
  • Yarra Trams is a 24 hour operation which includes network maintenance and cleaning.

Tram Fleet

  • The Yarra Trams fleet ranges from modern low floor vehicles to the iconic W-Class. We currently run approximately 500 trams consisting of:
  • A-Class
  • B-Class
  • C-Class low floor Citadis
  • C2-Class "Bumblebee" low floor Citadis
  • D2-Class low floor Combino
  • D2-Class low floor Combino
  • E-Class low floor
  • W-Class
  • Z-Class

Our routes

Route 75 - Vermont South to City (Spencer Street) is the longest tram route in Melbourne. It is just under a third of the distance of the longest tram line in the world, the Coast Tram in Belgium which is 68km long.

Route Destination
1 East Coburg to South Melbourne Beach

Melbourne University to East Malvern

Melbourne University to East Malvern via St Kilda

5 Melbourne University to Malvern
6 Melbourne University to Glen Iris
8 Moreland to Toorak
11 West Preston to Victoria Harbour Docklands
12 Victoria Gardens to St Kilda
16 Melbourne University to Kew
19 North Coburg to Flinders Street Station
30 St Vincent's Plaza to Etihad Stadium
35 City Circle
48 North Balwyn to Victoria Harbour Docklands
55 West Coburg to Domain Interchange
57 West Maribyrnong to Flinders Street Station
59 Airport West to Flinders Street Station
64 Melbourne University to East Brighton
67 Melbourne University to Carnegie
70 Wattle Park to Waterfront City Docklands
72 Melbourne University to Camberwell
75 Vermont South to Etihad Stadium Docklands
78 North Richmond to Balaclava
82 Footscray to Moonee Ponds
86 Bundoora RMIT to Waterfront City Docklands
96 East Brunswick to St Kilda Beach
109 Box Hill to Port Melbourne


There are approximately 3.5 million passenger trips taken on the Yarra Trams network every week - including more than 500,000 on weekends.

Annual patronage for each route last year (in millions of trips):

Rank Trips Route
1st 15.6m 109 - Box Hill to Port Melbourne
2nd 15.5m 86 - Bundoora RMIT to Waterfront City Docklands
3rd 15.4m 96 - St Kilda Beach to East Brunswick
4th 12.3m 112 - West Preston to St Kilda
5th 11.4m 19 - North Coburg to City
6th 10.2m 59 - Airport West to City
7th 9.3m 75 - Vermont South to City (Spencer Street)
8th 9.1m 8 - Moreland to Toorak
9th 8.2m 16 - Kew to Melbourne University via St Kilda
10th 7.8m 1 - East Coburg to South Melbourne Beach
11th 7.5m 48 - North Balwyn to Victoria Harbour
12th 6.8m 55 - West Coburg to Domain Interchange
13th 6.4m 67 - Carnegie to Melbourne University
14th 6.2m 72 - Camberwell to Melbourne University
15th 5.6m 57 - West Maribyrnong to City
16th 5.5m 3/3a - East Malvern to Melbourne University
17th 5.4m 6 - Glen Iris to Melbourne University
18th 5.4m 70 - Wattle Park to Waterfront City Docklands
18th 5.0m 64 - East Brighton to Melbourne University
20th 4.1m 5 - Malvern to Melbourne University
21st 2.4m 78/79 - North Richmond to Prahran/St Kilda Beach
22nd 2.4m Other Routes (e.g 11, 24, 30, 31)
23rd 1.5m 82 - Footscray to Moonee Ponds

 Our Team

  • Yarra Trams employs more than 2100 people.
  • Approximately 1200 tram drivers work across eight depots - Brunswick, Camberwell, East Preston, Essendon, Glenhuntly, Kew, Malvern and Southbank.
  • 268 Authorised Officers and Customer Service Employees provide a visible staff presence from first to last tram ensuring passengers have a valid ticket and travel safely.

Fleet Enhancements

  • Yarra Trams is currently refreshing the livery of all trams in the fleet. This refresh gives the fleet a more modern look, as well as delivering safety enhancements such as bright yellow doors and visual indicators for priority seating.
  • Interior improvements include new seats, new passenger hand loops and the replacement of glass and decals. All of these improvements are designed to make travelling on trams a safer and more enjoyable way to get around Melbourne.
  • The entire tram fleet is in the process of being refreshed by Yarra Trams.
  • The older fleet is being upgraded to provide more state of the art customer information.
  • Maintenance and technical assistance is provided 24 hours a day.
  • We have over 100 low-floor trams including the next generation E-Class. The Victorian Government has ordered 50 next generation E-Class, and they will start to be progressively added to the fleet throughout 2014.

Low floor trams

  • Yarra Trams introduced Citadis low floor trams to Melbourne in 2001, followed by the Combino in 2002.
  • In 2008, Yarra Trams arranged for the delivery of five additional low floor trams to address increasing tram patronage. These Bumblebee trams are being leased from the French town of Mulhouse under a joint initiative between Yarra Trams and the Victorian Government.
  • The Victorian Government has commissioned Dandenong based company Bombardier to produce 50 new low floor trams for the Melbourne tram network.
  • The new trams will be approximately 33 metres in length, able to carry more than 210 passengers, fitted with CCTV and be fully accessible.


  • tramTRACKER® uses the latest real-time technology to track all trams so passengers can find out when the next tram is due to arrive at their stop. Customers can get real time tram information using tramTRACKER® by phone or on their iPhone, Android device or mobile internet. tramTRACKER® is also available through yarratrams.com.au and tramtracker.com.
  • The number of requests to tramTRACKER® exceeds 800,000 a day, and the iPhone application is downloaded more than 20,000 a month.

Customer engagement

  • Meet the Managers: Yarra Trams is committed to involving passengers in its continuous improvement efforts. A key element of this customer engagement process is the 'Meet the Managers' forum. Meet the Managers gives tram passengers the opportunity to meet with senior executives such as the CEO and Chief Operating Officer and discuss ways they believe Yarra Trams could deliver an improved service. These events take place on some of Melbourne's busiest tram platform stops during peak times and are widely promoted prior to the events.
  • Passenger Information Displays (PIDs) are installed at the busiest stops around the city and provide real-time information about the expected arrival time of trams to that stop. Selected stops in the CBD also have audio buttons which provide real-time arrival information.

    Yarra Trams has established partnerships with some businesses and local councils to install PIDs in public places. Combined with tramTRACKER®, the PIDs help people to avoid waiting at a tram stop. If your organisation is interested in installing a PID, please contact Yarra Trams customer feedback.
  • Colour your day - As part of Yarra Trams' commitment to providing up to date and relevant passenger information, we have developed a dynamic coloured network map. The map details every tram route in an easy to follow colour, intermodal connectivity, zoning information, exciting landmarks and hospitals.
  • Beware the Rhino is a dynamic safety campaign developed in line with our "Zero Harm" policy to increase pedestrian awareness around trams. The Rhino campaign represents an ongoing dedication to reducing the number of incidents involving distracted pedestrians.

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