The Tram Advisory Group (TAG) is a stakeholder advisory board formed to promote a better understanding of customer needs and problems encountered by passengers, employees and the management of the Yarra Trams network. The objectives of the TAG are fundamental to the KDR management style of partnerships with passengers, employees and management.

The TAG membership includes tram passengers who are frequent users of the Yarra Trams network and Yarra Trams employee representatives.

The Tram Advisory Group provides a formal process for our passengers and staff to have direct involvement and a better understanding of the operation of Yarra Trams.

TAG Mission Statement

The Tram Advisory Group provides advice to Yarra Trams on strategic and policy issues and Yarra Trams will have due regard and give due consideration to any advice and recommendations provided by the TAG.

The introduction of TAG is also in keeping with the Victorian Government's aim that "…. Yarra Trams has an open mind to the impact of decisions and business practice so that they properly take into account views, perceptions and concerns of stakeholders."

An agenda is prepared for meetings of the TAG by the CEO of Yarra Trams.

Role and aspirations of Tram Advisory Group

As the operator of the Melbourne tram franchise, we are keen to engage with the community in line with our "Think like a passenger" philosophy.

The Tram Advisory Group provides a new forum for community input, complementing our existing market research and customer feedback channels. A dedicated group of customers and staff will have the opportunity to exchange ideas on a regular basis, to assist in developing a mutual understanding.

Yarra Trams sees the role the Tram Advisory Group as;

Supporting the implementation of the vision;

  • To think like a passenger
  • To develop a "zero harm" culture 
  • For continuous improvement
  • For a tram network as part of an integrated and sustainable public transport solution for Melbourne

To promote;

  • the needs of customers through constructive suggestions; and
  • the issues and challenges of employees and management in providing a tram service

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