Real-time tram arrival information


How it works

tramTRACKER® is a customer service that uses real-time information to determine the position of any tram on the network. When tramTRACKER® receives a request it uses this information to predict the arrival time of your tram.

The predictions are real-time, not scheduled information, so with tramTRACKER® you will know when to be at your stop.

tramTRACKER® determines your location based on a tracker stop ID or a list of the nearest stops generated by the iPhone app.

Your request is then sent to Yarra Trams where a constantly updated record of where each tram on the network is checked against your location to determine how far away the next three trams are.

Users can personalise the results to see individual routes or only show low floor trams.

When services are disrupted tramTRACKER will display a message and show a disruption icon. An icon will also appear to indicate air conditioned trams when the temperature is above 25 degrees.

tramTRACKER was launched for phone in November 2006 and an iPhone app was released in 2009 along with desktop widgets and gadgets (note - these are no longer supported). An Android application was released in October 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Tracker Stop ID? Can't I just use my existing stop number to obtain information?
tramTRACKER® does not use existing stop numbers because they are duplicated across various routes and do not indicate the direction in which you are travelling. By using the Tracker Stop ID you will receive the correct information for your route and direction of travel.

Where do I find my Tracker Stop ID?
The four digit number is clearly displayed at your tram stop, by clicking 'Find My Stop' on or by calling PTV on 1800 800 007

Will tramTRACKER® tell me exactly when my tram will arrive?
tramTRACKER® provides you with an estimate based on the location of the tram at the time of your request. The actual arrival time of the tram at your nominated stop depends on many factors such as traffic conditions. tramTRACKER® provides greater precision as the tram gets closer to the stop.

Can I find out when the next low floor tram is due to arrive at my stop?
Yes. tramTRACKER® includes an option to check when the next low floor tram is due at your stop.

What happens if there is a disruption to tram services?
tramTRACKER® will advise you of any disruption to the requested stop. In this case, a prediction will not be available as tramTRACKER® is not able to accurately forecast when services will be restored to normal.
What are the charges for tramTRACKER®?
1300 MY TRAM (1300 69 8726): IVR call cost $0.25/higher for STD/Mobiles.

tramTRACKER® online is free. The iPhone/Android apps are free downloads but data charges may apply.

When calling 1300 MY TRAM (1300 69 8726) from my mobile phone, what will I be charged?
Calls to 1300 MY TRAM (IVR service) cost $0.25 from a land line. Calls made via STD or from a mobile will be higher.

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