University of Melbourne Superstop opens to passengers

14 February, 2005

14 February 2005

Tomorrow, Tuesday 15 February 2005, the new Superstop at the University of Melbourne will be open to passengers.

The new Superstop has reached a phase in construction where it can be safely serviced by trams and used by passengers.

Minor works on the Superstop will continue and passengers will notice the facilities at the stop being fitted out over the next month.

The reconstruction of the University of Melbourne terminus has included a re-design of the tram terminus area and construction of a new Superstop on Swanston Street, near the corner of Faraday Street in front of the University of Melbourneýs Sidney Myer Asia Centre.

Construction of the improved tram terminus was completed late last month, with the re-design including new tracks into the ýtram shuntingý area to help reduce tram congestion.

ýSafety and urban design have been the key priorities in planning the new tram stop and tram shunting area,ý said Yarra Trams Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hubert Guyot.

The terminus at the University of Melbourne is the fourth busiest tram stop in the Yarra Trams network. On a typical weekday, more than 20,000 passengers board and alight from trams at this stop. Two tram routes travel through the University terminus and seven routes terminate there.

To improve services for passengers Yarra Trams has transformed this tram terminus and stop into a modern interchange. The area will be a showpiece of Melbourneýs tram network.

ýWe are happy to once again bring new levels of comfort and safety to our passengers. The new Superstop will feature shelters, seating, an information pavilion, a ticket machine, real time tram arrival information, a trip planner, a public telephone and Closed Circuit TV for safety," said Mr. Guyot.

ýWith pedestrian crossings and ramps at either end, the new stop enhances the Yarra Tramsý vision of access for all. It provides a safer boarding and alighting environment for passengers," Mr. Guyot said.

The central platform allows customers to get on or off trams travelling in either direction, and offers passengers a comfortable waiting environment with improved access to low floor trams.

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