A tram full of very charitable knitters

11 April, 2011

An unusual site greeted customers on tram stops in the CBD yesterday with a tram full of knitters making a trip around the City Circle.

Charity 'knit-one, give-one' - kogo - launched their winter drive onboard a dedicated tram filled with 70 knitters from all walks of life.

Kogo was established by Ros Rogers to foster the energy of knitters around Australia to provide warm winter clothing to disadvantaged members of the community.

Kogo has delivered tens of thousands of garments to a range of charities. It has members as young as 11 and old as 90 spread throughout Australia.

Ros Rogers said that it is not only the recipients of the warm clothing that benefit from kogo's work, but also the volunteers themselves.

"In these difficult economic times, delivering woollies to people in need is not only a practical way to help those who go cold in the winter but also gives many people at home and in nursing homes a wonderful way of really contributing to society," she said.

For more information on kogo and how you can contribute, visit http://www.knitonegiveone.org/


Above: Tram Driver, Margaret Gordon, with founder of kogo, Ros Rogers (bottom right). Margaret is one of thousands of volunteers that give their time to make winter woollies for charities helping disadvantaged people in our communities.

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