High Street works by the numbers

29 July, 2011

VicRoads, City of Darebin and Yarra Trams have completed the first element of Stage 1A of the Route 86 tram improvement project in High Street.

Below is a list of the extensive works completed during the seven day occupation of High Street, Westgarth from 9 July to 15 July 2011:

• 850 metres of double track realignment and upgrade to semi resilient track structure from Urquhart Street to Clarke Street
• Over 100 metres of additional trenching between the existing tram tracks south of the Urquhart St platform stop to make provision for the power feeders to be relocated underground
• Approximately one kilometre of tram overhead works to realign the overhead wires and make preparations for the new Gas Tensioning Devices which will be the first use of this technology in Melbourne
• Formation of two 66 metre long centre island platform stops
• Construction of 200 metres of centre island reserves between the new tram tracks as well as three centre median planter boxes of varying size
• Installation of 2,500 concrete sleepers
• Two major intersection modifications, including a full signal upgrade at the Westgarth/High Street intersection
• 2,000 cubic meters of concrete poured
• Realignment of kerbing at the corner of High Street and Westgarth Street to remove the slip lane and existing safety zone tram stop
• 16 road crossings for power cables, feeders, VicRoads and track detection equipment
• Eight feeder and electrolysis pits
• 550 tonnes of asphalt laid
• Excavation of 3000 cubic metres of road material
• Installation of 16 overhead poles
• Construction of one new high pressure gas crossing
• Installation of two new signalised pedestrian crossings
• Installation of two new 350mm diameter council storm water drains
• Installation of new tram detection technology at both platform stops
• Two kilometres of feeder and electrolysis cables relocated underground to allow for the removal of overhead feeders and electrolysis cables

Night works will continue over the next six weeks to complete the accessible centre island platform stops, planter boxes and other streetscaping elements.


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