Melbourne's new tram network map revealed

13 April, 2011

Note: These links have been updated to reflect the 26 January 2014 network map change.

Yarra Trams has launched a new tram network map.

It's the first in a series of new public transport maps that will make travel easier for passengers.

For the first time, the tram network map uses colour for different routes.

As well as the network map, new linear maps on board trams will help passengers identify upcoming stops and where they are on the route. The maps highlight key transfer points to Melbourne's trains and popular landmarks including sports venues, markets and hospitals.

Yarra Trams CEO, Michel Masson said one of the company's key values is to 'think like a passenger' and the new maps will help passengers to find their way.

"The changes we have made are driven largely by customer feedback. Passengers told us that colour and destination information made the map easier to read and follow."

See the map here

The new tram network map and linear maps will be on board all trams and at key tram stops soon.

A distinctive tram introducing the new network map is currently in service, and promotional decals have been installed on the tracks at various CBD tram stop locations.


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