Yarra Trams supports White Cane Day

21 October, 2011

International White Cane Day raises awareness of the issues of people with low vision, and as part of this year's event Vision Australia organised for a number of their low vision clients to visit Southbank tram depot and familiarise themselves with boarding and exiting trams.

Being able to practice alighting and exiting trams in a depot environment is important as it gives the low vision cilents the abilitiy to practice and explore the tram without worrying about it starting and stopping or inconveniencing other passengers.

Yarra Trams partners with a number of community groups to provide access to trams at depots for passengers with mobility issues or special needs to familiarise themselves with using trams. Yarra Trams also supports guide and hearing dog training programs.

An accessibility guide has recently been developed to assist passengers with special needs. The guide is available as a full colour brochure, a large text document and as a video. For more information visit our Accessibility section.

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