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13 September, 2012

Media Release from the Transport Ticketing Authority - 13 September 2012


The transition to the myki ticketing system is to take a big step forward with the sale of Metcards on the rail network to cease during October.

Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder recently agreed the final transition program with the Transport Ticketing Authority, which will see the Metcard ticketing system end in Melbourne on Friday, 28 December 2012.

Transport Ticketing Authority Chief Executive Officer Bernie Carolan today revealed other changes that will occur to Melbourne's public transport ticketing services over the coming months.

"The transition to myki on the rail network is well advanced, with myki use at train stations accounting for nearly 93 per cent of ticket validations," Mr Carolan said.

"Approximately 15 Premium Metro suburban railway stations are now entirely myki only, with their booking office equipment converted over the last fortnight.

"The Metcard ticketing system has served Melbourne well, but soon we will begin progressively turning off all validators on the rail network and removing items of Metcard equipment from our railway stations.

"As Metcard equipment is removed, more myki readers and myki only gates will be installed in their place, leading to an improved customer experience by providing more locations for passengers to touch on and off.

"In addition, from the middle of November, customers with unused Metcards will be able to transfer them to a myki as myki money at their local staffed station at no cost.

"The process of removing Metcard equipment from railway stations over the coming months will have its challenges, but is made easier with the bulk of passengers already using myki.

"I now encourage all people with unused Metcards to use them for travel."
Changes to occur to public transport ticketing services over the coming months include:

  • Metcard sales on the rail network will end when the last Metro Premium Station ticket office is converted to full myki sales and top up; this is currently scheduled to occur before the end of October.
  • Metcard validators at railway stations to be progressively removed from mid-November and during December on a station-by-station basis and at some  locations more myki readers installed in their place. At the same time passengers with unused Metcards will be able to transfer the value onto a myki as myki money at staffed Premium Metro railway stations (limits apply).
  • From mid-October, work commences to replace all Metcard gates with myki only gates.
  • Metcard sales on trams and buses and Metcard use on trains, trams and buses ends Friday 28 December 2012 - myki is the only ticket from the first service on Saturday 29 December 2012.
  • From 29 December 2012, myki 'Starter Pack' able to be purchased from the bus driver for those passengers who do not yet have a myki.

Mr Carolan said these changes to ticketing services would be supported by an informative customer education campaign.

"Over the coming months, myki customer service staff will continue to be on the public transport network to assist those passengers who have yet to switch to myki," Mr Carolan said.

"While the vast majority of regular commuters are now using myki, we know there are infrequent public transport users who do not yet have a card.

"My advice to passengers who only use public transport on the odd occasion to visit the Melbourne show, go to the football or attend the amazing events Melbourne is known for, such as Spring Racing Carnival, is to get a myki now and get ready for when Metcard is no longer valid later this year.

"Many people have a number of bank, credit and other identification cards in their wallet or purse that they do not use each day and we expect myki will be the same - everyone should carry one all the time, just like their driver's licence.

"myki will become a part of everyday life in Melbourne and with a myki in your wallet or purse you will be ready to travel on public transport when the need arises, whether that be today, tomorrow or any day in the future.

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