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3 May, 2012

Now you can download a copy of the same timetable that's displayed at your tram stop.

Stop specific timetables allow you to print a timetable in the exact same format seen at all 1700 plus stops on the world's largest operating tram network.

You'll be able to select the stops you use every day rather than having to go online or scan across columns in a timetable book to find what you're looking for.

Due to significantly decreased demand and the rapid uptake of real-time tramTRACKER, full timetable books are no longer produced. The books showed only major stops and often became litter both on-board trams and in the street.

In the final year before production of paper timetable books ceased there were on average less than 500 requests per route, meaning much of the stock went to waste when improvements were made to tram running times.

You've got three options on PTV's tram timetables page:

  • Stop specific timetables giving you a concise listing of times for your chosen stop.
  • Major stops showing just times at key locations along the route.
  • Full timetables showing all stops on a route

For individual stop timetables select your route from PTV's drop-down menu, and enter your direction of travel. Choose your stop from the list and click "Stop timetable" to display a PDF which you can then save or print.Stopspecific

If you have friends or family who don't have internet access to download their own timetable they can contact Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight daily) and request to have one mailed out to them.

Route guides, including a map showing all stops and service frequencies are also available on-board trams, at PTV Hubs and by calling 1800 800 007

Tram arrival information is available through tramTRACKER™ on iPhone, mobile internet, voice or SMS.

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