myki tips – Do I have to Touch Off on trams?

7 May, 2012

When you travel with myki on a tram you don't always need to touch off at the end of your journey.

That's because you can now travel from one end of a tram route to the other on a Zone 1 fare.  

On three tram routes - 75, 86 and 109 - the ends of the line furthest from the city have a short Zone 2 section (which overlaps with Zone 1). 

If your tram trip is entirely in Zone 2 you must touch on and touch off to get the lower Zone 2 fare, otherwise there is no need to touch off on a tram.

Less than five per cent of tram trips occur in the Zone 1/2 overlap. The Yarra Trams network map shows the areas where the zone overlaps operate.

But for most of us, it means never having to touch off when you leave the tram and you still receive the lowest fare. 

For more information on myki visit or call Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight daily)


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