New accessible tram stop opens in Hawthorn

6 July, 2012

Yarra Trams has completed major track renewal works and the construction of an accessible tram interchange in Hawthorn.

The track renewal works and new accessible "central island" platform stop at the junction of Riversdale Road, Wallen Road and Power Street were completed in only six days. 

This is an amazing engineering achievement and we appreciate the patience of the local community, Yarra Trams customers and motorists during the works. 

Trams and traffic were flowing before the morning peak on Friday 6 July.

As well as renewing and realigning 450 metres of double tram track, our team and the contractors also replaced a complex tram junction and a crossover as well as renewing the overhead power network and restoring the road surface.

The central island platform stop enhances accessibility and safety for our customers.  This improvement provides a cohesive interchange point for passengers who change between the Route 70 and Route 75 trams at this intersection.

The track in Riversdale Road was last renewed in 1958, Wallen Road track was installed in 1971 and Power Street was last renewed in 1978.  

The renewal work improves track quality, reduces noise and minimises the risk of tram derailments.  It will also save on maintenance of both the tracks themselves, and the trams that travel along this section of the network.

The finishing touches on the accessible platform stop such as some shelter glass and signage will be completed in coming days.

These track renewal and maintenance works are part of a program to build for the next 100 years of Melbourne's trams. 

The State Government is investing $54 million this year on tram network maintenance and renewal.

On the tram network this year, the State Government and Yarra Trams will:

  • Renew more than 11 kilometres of tram track;
  • Renew 15 junctions (or crossovers)
  • Upgrade more than 300 overhead poles
  • Renew more than 16 kilometres of overhead power wire; and
  • Replace 5 sets of automatic points

Published: 6 July 2012

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