New tram track technology on show in Stonnington

10 January, 2012

Yarra Trams and VicRoads have used new technology in High Street, Armadale to minimise inconvenience to passengers during bridge rehabilitation works.

The new infrastructure allows trams to change direction as close as possible to work zones.

Until now, trams have only been capable of changing direction at existing 'crossovers' or termini located at specific points throughout Melbourne's 250 kilometre network.

With the introduction of the pair of temporary crossovers that can be installed at the approaches to work zones, passengers can walk a short distance to connecting services rather than having to catch a tram replacement bus.

Tram replacement buses often need to divert a significant distance from the tram route due to restrictions associated with the use of side streets, height clearances and traffic treatments such as roundabouts and speed humps.

These limitations can also impact their ability to service every tram stop affected by service changes.

Yarra Trams spokesman, Colin Tyrus, said the introduction of the temporary crossovers was a significant development for passengers.

"With the high tempo of tram track renewal works set to continue in 2012, these temporary crossovers will minimise inconvenience to our customers," he said.

"The crossovers can be installed in a matter of hours and can be used by all eight classes of tram operated by Yarra Trams."

"Feedback from our customer service staff has been positive during the bridge reconstruction works. Customers appreciated not having to change to a tram replacement bus that travels an indirect route to reconnect with the tram service."

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