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Premier introduces first restored W-class tram

W -class

Premier Ted Baillieu has announced that the first restored W-class tram is expected to return to service on the City Circle in October this year.

Tram 946 is the first tram to be restored under the project, and the Bendigo Tramways Trust has now started work on the second vehicle which will begin operation in early 2013.

The tram has been completely rewired which will improve reliability, the braking system has been overhauled, new seating has been installed, the drivers cabin has been reinforced to improve safety, and extensive work has been done to improve the tram's structural integrity.

Once the works on Tram 946 are completed the tram will undergo rigorous testing to ensure it is ready for operation once are complete.

Yarra Trams Project Manager David Cigognini said leading the W-Class tram project had been a career highlight.

"The W-Class restoration project has proven to be the most interesting and challenging project I have been involved in during my 24 years working with Melbourne's trams," Mr Cigognini said.

ABOVE: Premier Baillieu and David Cigognini in the driver's cabin of tram 946.

Launch video

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W-class historical footage

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