Accessibility Update - Q3 2015

23 November, 2015

Tram stop upgrades

The following stops have recently been upgraded to level access stops:

  • Stop 6 Russell & Flinders Streets (Routes 70, 75 and City Circle)
  • Stop 12 Wellington Parade at Jolimont Station (Routes 48 and 75)
  • Stop 17 Grant Street & St Kilda Road (Routes 3, 3a, 5, 6,  8, 72, 16, 64, 67)
  • Stop 18 Shrine of Remembrance (Routes 3, 3a, 5, 6,  8, 72, 16, 64, 67)

There are now 400 level access stops on Melbourne's tram network. This is a notable milestone and a sign of the progress made since 2010 when there were only 319 raised tram stops.

The following stops will be upgraded to level access stops in the coming months:

  • Stop 125 Port Junction (Routes 12, 96 and 109)
  • A separate level access stop for the tramcar restaurant

Ride along with the Victorian Deaf Society

On Wednesday, 22 July, Yarra Trams' Advisor, Accessibility & Standards spent several hours on the tram network with members of the Victorian Deaf Society and some interpreters. This experience gave the Victorian Deaf Society the opportunity to share any challenges that the hearing impaired community can face when using public transport and to discuss potential solutions to these issues.

Yarra Trams found the experience very informative and received some great suggestions to add to our Accessibility Action Plan. These initiatives aim to enhance the public transport journey for people with a hearing impairment, as well as people who speak languages other than English.

Yarra Trams will do this same activity with other advocacy groups to gain insights into their challenges when using public transport.

Senior Week Festival

Yarra Trams had a marquee at this year's Victorian Seniors festival at Federation Square on Sunday, 4 October. Lots of public transport information and merchandise was given out. Anyone who wanted a 'Stress Rhino' was asked to answer four quick questions about their public transport use so that we can gain a greater understanding of the travel habits of seniors.

Try Before You Ride

Victorian public transport operators (tram, train, bus, coach and taxi) all came together on Wednesday, 23 September, to run an event which allowed people with disability to familiarise themselves with all transport modes. The event took place at the Box Hill terminus where all vehicles were stationary with staff from each of the operators available to assist with travel training.

Invitations were sent out to advocacy groups, community groups, rehabilitation centres and local councils inviting them to participate and to distribute the invitation to their members. We were thrilled with the response rate this year as we had more than 50 participants and carers attend the day.

Public Transport Victoria followed the journey of four participants and their experiences with public transport. 

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