Victoria Street easy access stops

13 January, 2016

As part of the modernisation of Melbourne's tram network, Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria (PTV) will be constructing two pairs of easy access tram stops on Victoria Street between Hoddle Street and Church Street. The new stops will be located at stop 19 at James Street and stop 20 at Nicholson/Lennox Street. Track renewal work will also be carried out during the construction of the tram stops.

Service changes for tram passengers

Route 12 and 109 trams will be affected during the main closure from Sunday 21 to Sunday 28 February 2016.

Route 12 trams will operate as Route 12a between St. Kilda and stop 18 Hoddle Street. Route 109 will operate as Route 109a, diverting via Bridge Road along Route 48 between stop 29 Barkers Road and stop 8 Spring Street.

For passengers continuing on normal Route 109 services, buses will replace Route 12 and 109 trams between stop 16 Wellington Street and stop 29 Barkers Road, via stop 24 Victoria Gardens. Buses will then divert around the work zone via Elizabeth Street. 

For further details please refer to signage on the network and on-board brochures.

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Preliminary work will take place from Wednesday 10 February 2016 to Sunday 21 February 2016 until major works commence. This work will prepare the site for the major construction period and will involve the pre-welding of tram track rails. This work will take place on the north and south side of Victoria Street between Lithgow Street and Church Street, and on Victoria Street between Lennox Street and Charles Street. Victoria Street will remain open to motorists during this time.

Preliminary work will also include work onfootpaths and kerbing directly in front of the new stops. Some parking will be removed. There will be no disruption to tram services during preliminary work.


Major works will commence at 7am Sunday 21 February 2016 and continue 24 hours a day until 5am Sunday 28 February 2016.Victoria Street will be closed to traffic between Hoddle Street and Church Street during the major work period and the construction of the new stops and track renewal. 

Access for motorist and pedestrians

Victoria Street will be closed to traffic and parking removed between Hoddle Street and Church Street during construction (major work period). Traffic detours will be in place for the duration of major works from 7am Sunday 21 February 2016 until 5am Sunday 28 February 2016.

Traffic Controllers will manage vehicle access for businesses and residents around the work zone. Access will be extremely limited within the work zone and it is advised to access businesses or residences from nearby side streets or rear lane-ways.

Please note that all one-way streets that lead directly onto, or off Victoria Street between Hoddle Street and Church Street ONLY, will have changed traffic conditions. This will allow for entry and exit to businesses and residences on one-way streets. Please check directional traffic signs or speak with a traffic controller regarding entry and exit.

Work zones will be fenced off during construction for safety reasons; however footpaths will remain open so that pedestrians will have full access to all businesses during construction. During footpath works, pedestrian access will also be maintained with temporary fencing.

Noise and dust

Associated noise and dust from machinery, vehicles and work crews is unavoidable but Yarra Trams will do all it can to keep this to a minimum.

Work will be carried out 24 hours a day; however the noisiest work will occur between 6am and 10pm.

There may be a need to conduct noisy work outside these hours however to ensure that the work is completed by 5am Sunday 28 February.

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We thank you for your patience and regret any inconvenience caused by this essential renewal work.

We advise that it is being performed in accordance with our obligations to Public Transport Victoria and is necessary to maintain a safe tram network as required by the Rail Safety Act 2006 (Vic).

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