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Yarra Trams' vision is to provide a network that is accessible to everyone and delivers a positive customer experience for people with a disability or mobility restriction, and older people. We are working closely with the Victorian Government to enhance the accessibility of Melbourne's tram network.

The future Melbourne tram network will feature an entirely accessible low-floor tram fleet, complemented by accessible stops at specific points along every route. Achieving this vision in partnership with Public Transport Victoria (PTV) requires a focused approach to the delivery of infrastructure and information improvements on specific routes, then progressively across the network.

Yarra Trams is committed to delivering its Premium Line strategy, starting with Premium Line 96. Premium lines offer a truly accessible and enhanced customer experience. They will have 100 per cent low-floor trams, 100 per cent accessible stops, dynamic onboard passenger information, more separation between trams and road vehicles and more reliable journey times.

Accessibility snapshot 

  • Premium Line 96 provides a real-life vision of the future
  • Our network now has 400 level access platform stops 
  • We are introducing E-Class trams on Route 11 (about one per month until 2017)
  • There will be 150 low-floor trams on our network by 2017
  • Our Accessibility Action Plan 2015-2018 has been released  

Accessibility Action Plan 

The Accessibility Action Plan 2015-2018 continues to build on Yarra Trams' key priority to achieve a broadly accessible tram network for Melbourne that is socially inclusive  and delivers sustainable improvements in the customer experience.

Highlights in the 2015-2018 plan include:

  • The improvement of disability awareness training to ensure our employees deliver a quality experience to our customers
  • Improve real-time information to our customers through new technologies such as Beacon
  • Improve and develop new customer information on network accessibility
  • Build confidence in using the tram network through programs
  • Continue to work in collaboration with advocacy groups
  • More low-floor trams
  • More accessible stops
  • Work closely with all functions and PTV on key universal design principles to create a safe, open, inclusive and accessible environment

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