Route 78/79 - Saturday 25 to Wednesday 29 August

As part of the modernisation of Melbourne's tram network, Yarra Trams will be renewing the tram tracks in Chapel Street between Dandenong Road and Commercial/Malvern Road from the early hours of Saturday 25 August to approximately 5am Wednesday 29 August.

The tram tracks in Chapel Street have not been replaced since 1974 and need to be renewed. The works will improve safety for everyone as well as delivering a better road surface for motorists and cyclists, a smoother ride for tram passengers, and less tram noise associated with potholes and broken rails.

An information booth will be open outside Prahran Town Hall from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 18 August for any questions about the Chapel Street tram track works.

Call centre (1800 800 007) hours have been extended to 24 hours a day between 12am on Saturday 25 August and Wednesday 29 August for enquiries about the works.

Click here to read a letter to residents and traders about the works.

There are two distinct phases to the works:


Pre-welding and preparation of lengths of rail will be done in Dandenong Road and Chapel Street between Monday 13 August and Friday 24 August.

These pre-works will occupy three 100 metre kerbside locations in Dandenong Road and Chapel Street:

  • Southern kerbside in Dandenong Road between Chapel Street and Alma Park (West)
  • Western kerbside in Chapel Street between High Street and Prahran Town Hall
  • Western kerbside in Chapel Street between Chatham Street and Wattle Street

These sites are required for the welding of the new rail into 100 metre sections. Carrying out this work prior to the major works substantially reduces the amount of time that Chapel Street will need to be closed to traffic for the major works.

These pre-works zones will be fenced off throughout this period with work taking place 24 hours per day. There may be noise associated with the delivery of the rail  which needs to occur in the early hours of the morning to minimise disruption to daily traffic.

Major works

The major works to renew 1200 metres of double tram track in Chapel Street from Dandenong Road to High Street and from High Street to Malvern/Commercial Road will take four days to complete.

Chapel Street will be closed to all traffic between Dandenong Road and  Malvern/Commercial Road for the four days; however Dandenong Road, High Street and Malvern/Commercial Road will remain open to allow for the east-west movement of traffic and trams.

The noisiest works will be on the Saturday and Sunday when the existing road surface is broken and removed to allow for the new tram tracks to be laid. The beeping of trucks reversing sensors may also be heard throughout the works.

Whilst Yarra Trams will make every effort to conduct the noisiest works between 6am and midnight, there may be a need to do some noisy works outside of these hours to ensure Chapel Street reopens to traffic on the morning of Wednesday 29 August.

Road closures and traffic detours

Chapel Street from Dandenong to Malvern Road will be closed to traffic from 12am on Saturday 25 to 5am on Wednesday 29 August. Dandenong Road, High Street and Malvern/Commercial Road will all remain open to trams and traffic throughout the works.

The works zone will be fenced off for safety but all footpaths will remain open to allow pedestrian access to all businesses along Chapel Street. Pedestrian crossings will be located at Dandenong Road, High Street and Malvern/Commercial Road.

Click here to view a map of planned traffic detours during the works.

Tram service changes - 25 to 28 August

Routes 78 and 79 will be replaced entirely by bus services from Saturday 25 to Tuesday 28 August. The tram replacement buses will follow the tram routes, except between Carlisle Street and Malvern Road when the buses will divert via Hotham Street, Williams Road and Malvern Road to avoid the works zone.

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ABOVE: A typical track renewal project

For public transport information call Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight daily)

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